Welcome to Stratigic Alliance

A True Executive Partner in Building Exceptional Teams

We specialize in executive strategic consulting based on solid data.

  1. Identify and understand your goals.
  2. Identify and understand your obstacles.
  3. Strategically build and retain cohesive and high-performing teams to mitigate the obstacles and achieve yours goals. 

THE RESULTS: Top line growth. Bottom line growth. Sustainable scalability.

More Than a Consultant

We are a true partner in your executive leadership journey.

  • Engage with us as your CEO Confidant for all things “people” –  we have the hard conversations, regardless of the challenge. And we promise to tell you the truth.
  • Galvanize Real-People-Metrics to drive Real-Application – using statistically sound data, discuss ways to keep great talent, investigate why talent is leaving, and how to best engage new team members
  • Participate in Multi-Company C-Level and Manager Roundtable Discussions – connect with leaders from other companies to share ideas, best practices, solve real in-the-trenches leadership issues, and network with leaders who clearly care enough to invest in strong people-decisions

The War on Talent is Real. Let's Win!

There is a strategy to win the battle.

  • Build positional benchmarks
  • Align team expectations around role requirements
  • Craft strategic recruitment ads
  • Create search efficiencies  -- measure first; resumes, interviews, references after that
  • Explore untapped talent pipelines

Leadership Development 
Is Not Just a Box That's Checked

It's a journey that affects everyone.

  • Understand self and others to drive increasingly strong leadership
  • Mitigate stupid people decisions, avoid leadership development mistakes, improve efficiencies
  • Identify hidden gems and future rockstars
  • Proactively identify and mitigate stress, burn-out, under-engagement, low morale, flight risks
  • Level Up in expert-led Leadership Workshops
    • When you become a client, your leadership team attends a workshop to begin the consulting process
    • We offer multiple “Open” Workshops throughout the year, so new team members are brought up to speed quickly
    • Previously trained leaders may audit at no cost

Don't Just Build a Great Team.

Keep them.

  • Equip your leaders with the skills and mindset to drive organizational stability – because it's one thing to find and build a great team, it's quite another to keep them. 
  • Retain! You don't want your greatest team member to become your competitor's next best employee.

Exploit Strengths 
Rather Than Improve Weaknesses

Because when you do, you will ...

  • Minimize Turn-Over – Utilization of team members’ strengths is a strong predictor of retention
  • Not only protect, but grow your top and bottom lines
  • Experience 5X ROI through increased revenue, human capital efficiency, or profitability within 12 months
  • Be primed to scale

Radically Grow Your Top and Bottom Lines:
Case Study Example

Franchise Organization

  • 2022: 37 franchisees 
    • 30% top performers (11)
    • 50% average performers (19)
    • 20% fail (7)
  • 2022: Franchisees’ value to organization
    • Top Performer = $300,000 top line revenue to organization (11 x $300,000 = $3MM)
    • “Average” Perfomer = $10,000 top line revenue to organization (19 x $10,000 = $190,000)
    • Delta between two types of franchisees = $290,000/person
  • 2023: ROI from Working with Stratigic Alliance:
    • Reduced the 20% “fail” category to 5% (substantially impacting bottom line profit)
    • Increased the “top performers” category to 16 (5 x $290,000 = $1.45MM additional revenue)

The Power of Partnership 


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About Stratigic Alliance

Empowering Businesses through Expert Partnership

At Stratigic Alliance we are dedicated to coming alongside executives to empower exceptional performance in a team that grows their top line and their bottom line, priming them to scale in a sustainable way. 


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